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Getting personal in your personal statements

Each year thousands of students apply to residency programs during their fourth year. All programs require students to submit personal statements along with their applications. A personal statement can seem quite simple, it’s just a statement explaining why you chose medicine and the specialty your applying to, right? Personal statements should go beyond just that time you were young and a physician inspired you and you had that moment where you knew that was exactly what you wanted to be. Being

Studying & Self-Discipline

Whether it’s transitioning into medical school or nearing that time to take your board examinations, studying can be overwhelming and stressful and all of a sudden the temptation to procrastinate can reach its peak. Regardless of the stage of your journey to becoming a physician, medicine doesn’t leave room for procrastination, otherwise, your grades, scores and future career could pay the price. Studying has less to do with how fast you can learn and read the material and more to do

Matching or Moving Forward

Match Day, it is definitely one of the most exciting but daunting days for final year medical students. The time just doesn’t seem to be passing fast enough for the e-mail to come in. And finally, when it does, did I match? Or didn’t I? Great, you’ve matched! All of those hours of studying, board exams, rotations and interviewing have finally paid off and you will begin transitioning into your intern year to officially start your job as a physician! This