Become Host Site


Preceptors play a key role in the growth of future physicians. Our distinct network of affiliated preceptors and teaching sites allows our students a wide range of access to medical education and training. Becoming a host site means being involved in the process during the clinical phase of training which is a crucial time for applicants to grasp as much knowledge and experience as they can to better prepare them for their intern year and residency training to come.

We ensure each applicant is the best match and fit each site based on preceptors schedule, availability and site requirements. Our students are all prescreened for and submit all documents including malpractice insurance, health insurance, university letters of good standing and proof of status as well as health clearance certificates for all immunizations and medical requirements.

Preceptors are provided stipends for each student they host based on the number of weeks a student is placed. Payments are sent out based on the information provided by the preceptor in the form of a check prior to the student completing their placement.

The process is quick and simple if you are interested in becoming a host site please complete the information below.