Application & Documentation

Application Process

Once students have selected their placement of choice through MyPlacement and completed the application form, the student will be required to provide supplementary documentation that will be required by the sites and preceptors. Students can submit their supplementary documents to TMEC via e-mail ( or fax (480-772-4409)

Upon submission of the supplementary documentation, clinical advisors will review the documents and notify the student if the documentation is complete or if there is something missing. Some exceptions to student documents can be made if the documents are not available. Once the application has been cleared, the clinical advisor will discuss the placement, starting details and any questions students may have in regards to the placement. At that time, the clinical advisor will send a detailed schedule of your placement. 

Please allows 24 hours upon submission of documents to receive a correspondence. This allows our clinical department to review the application and verify all documents are correct and valid. 

Required Documents

Application Form & Site Selection

Student’s can choose the placement of their choice through the MyPlacement app and complete the application.

Criminal Background Check

Our affiliate hospitals require a National Criminal Background Check. Online documents are not accepted. There is an additional charge if the student wishes to complete the background check through our office.

Curriculum Vitae/Resume

An overview of the student’s qualifications, education and clinical experience.

Health Insurance

Proof of valid health insurance must be provided before students can start their clinical placement. Canadian students can submit a copy of their health card. Please provide a copy of the front and back of your health card or insurance documents.

Student Health Clearance Form

Record of all updated immunizations including MMR vaccination or immunity status, past Varicella infection or Varivax, Hepatitis B vaccination or refusal form, proof of Flu Shot, TB test (or if a known positive reactor, a negative chest x-ray). Records should be within 1 year of start date. Please include titer level reports if possible.


Please include a passport size photo for identity verification purposes.

State/Provincial ID

Please provide copies of State/Provincial issued ID (Drivers License)


Please submit a copy of the picture page and signature page of your passport from your issuing country.

Proof of visa/immigration status in USA

If you are a Non-US Citizen please provide a copy of your visa status, which is given by US Customs at the point of entry at the Airport or US Border.


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