Dental Practical Placements

TMEC provides clinical experience to International Dental Graduates who require hands-on practical experience. During these placements graduates will perform clinical examinations, complete supervised procedures in a set amount of time, provide injections and perform oral cancer screenings as needed. Dental graduates can also improve basic and essential skills before moving on to complex procedures as well and build upon their bedside mannerism.

Nursing Student Clinicals

TMEC provides clinical clerkship opportunities for nursing students and graduates of nursing programs looking to further their career. These clinical clerkships provide opportunities for further enhancement of clinical skills and knowledge towards improved career openings. These clerkships can also provide further experience for graduates from nursing programs looking to advance their career to a master’s level program or those considering transitioning into an MD program. Students can apply their knowledge and skills in a clinical or hospital setting working under the supervision of preceptors and other health care providers including registered nurses and nurse practitioner.

Medical Student Clerkships

TMEC provides clerkship opportunities for 3rd and 4th-year medical students. We have clerkship opportunities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom & more. We have offer core rotations placements, which students must complete depending on their medical university’s curriculum as well as a variety of elective opportunities for students to further explore possible career choices. It is advised students apply well in advance of their preferred start date so we can accommodate their preferred specialty and site preference. During their placement, students will be assigned to clinical sites and will be involved in the care of patients in outpatient clinics or hospitals under the direct supervision of preceptors and residents.

Postgraduate Diploma

Through TMEC’s affiliation with Easton Education, our students can enroll into a Postgraduate Diploma program in either Family Medicine or Internal Medicine. The postgraduate diploma programs provide international medical graduates with the most up to date and relevant knowledge and experience in the medical field. This postgraduate program will provide students with medical knowledge and skills for interpreting complex health issues and the important components relating to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in adults. Students will gain further knowledge in the most key areas of medicine including using the most up to date medical science available and the patient-doctor relationship protocol. The postgraduate diploma programs are a professional development program where students will undergo 9-months (3-semesters) of clinical placements enabling IMGs to get patient exposure to become competitive applicants for medical residency positions.

Graduate Externships

For medical graduates who have already obtained their Doctor of Medicine or MBBS degree, TMEC has a variety of externship and clinical experience opportunities. Our externship and clinical experience opportunities provide hands-on experience for those who have taken time off after graduating and to those who completed their rotations internationally and would like to gain U.S. and Canadian clinical experience. This service is also for those who are in the midst of applying and awaiting the residency match allowing them continuous involvement in the healthcare system. Our externships provide hands-on experience and close patient contact in an inpatient and outpatient setting. Graduates have the opportunity to obtain the history and conduct physical examinations, partake in grand rounds at the hospital, perfect their suturing and blood-drawing techniques and much more.

All medical graduates will receive a certificate for successfully completing the placement.

Community Involvement

TMEC believes in giving back to the community. Our staff and administration are highly involved with various community awareness groups and charities in support of their causes. We encourage all of our alumni and current students to get involved, give back and support charities who work toward the betterment of health issues, raising awareness for preventative medicine and assistance in third-world countries. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Free the Children, MEDLife Foundation, Mother Infant Foundation, Hospital/Hospice Foundations, and Everyday Child. Our students have assisted in raising awareness and funds for some of these charities and helped organize fundraising events. Students have the opportunity to be involved in cardiovascular symposiums, back-to-school physicals, and the National Kidney Foundation events at local hospitals to screen patients for various diseases while consulting them on potential health risks and preventative measures.


 TMEC provides research opportunities for students interest in academic-based clerkship experiences. Students work under preceptors highly involved in medical research and innovations in medicine. Under the instruction of various research institutions and preceptor guidelines and guidance, students can complete various forms of research including thesis papers and articles with the possibility of their work being published. Students can also obtain LORs from supervisors from research experiences.

Residency Services

Residency Application Assistance

 TMEC provides assistance to medical students and graduates who are applying to residency matches in USA or Canada. The residency application process can be fairly overwhelming for some students. Our advisors are here to answer any questions and offer guidance along the way. TMEC advisors provide one-on-one consultations covering any information needed regarding the application process, advisors will review your application and provide feedback as well as assist students in navigating through the online residency portals.

Interview Prep

Residency interviews can be one of the most stressful aspects of the match process. Arriving well prepared for your residency interviews can assure you will not be caught off guard and you can approach each question with confidence. TMEC provides interview prep to all match applicants. Our advisors will review frequently asked interview questions, how to highlight students strengths and commitment to the program as well as how to address any hurdles or breaks during their medical schooling. Our Advisors will also go through face-to-face mock interviews to provide feedback to students to ensure they are well prepared on how to best answer challenging interview questions.

Resume/CV Review

A good resume/curriculum vitae (CV) is in an invaluable tool that serves as a focal point in guiding conversation during the residency interview process. Its functionality is to highlight your educational, professional accomplishments as well as differentiate your personal interests from other distinguished candidates. Understanding this purpose is imperative to focus not only on the content but also on a format that attracts and facilitates interviews. Our expert editors and consultants will perform a professional review and critique of your resume/curriculum vitae, ensuring all required details of your academic and non-academics are adequately stated on your resume/curriculum vitae.

Personal Statement & LOR Review

A personal statement is an opportunity for residency applicants to highlight their medical journey regarding why they chose medicine, why they chose the specialty they are applying to and what makes them an excellent candidate for residency. This can be crucial to engage program directors as to why they should provide an interview opportunity and take the applicant into consideration for their program. Our advisors will review the applicant’s personal statements and provides a thorough review, corrections, and suggestions to ensure applicants have strong statements, therefore, increasing their chances for interviewing at competitive programs.

Letters of Reference weigh in heavily with residency programs during the selection process as this allows your preceptors to bring forth the applicant’s strengths while they had the opportunity to teach and supervise each student. Preceptors can speak to an applicant’s knowledge, initiative, professionalism and overall strength as a medical student/graduate, residency applicant, and future physician. TMEC can review these letters to ensure they strengthen each student’s applications. Please note whether a preceptor allows a student to review a LOR before submission is completely at the discretion of the preceptor. Some may prefer to directly submit through the residency portal.


TMEC provides students with the option to have their own assigned mentor. Mentors provide students with guidance and assistance throughout medical school regarding academics, examinations, and clinical experiences. Each individual mentor will also assist with residency applications, match process and transitioning into residency.

Program Finder

When applying for residency the list of programs to sort through can become time-consuming. TMEC offers program finder services, where students can submit details to our advisors regarding their specialty of choice, the number of programs they are looking to apply for, specific locations as well as their academic achievements and requirements. Our advisors will use this information to compose a personalized list of programs for the student to apply to. This eliminates the student from spending hours of time researching through thousands of programs.

Educational Services

Medical University Applications

The most important decision for a prospective medical student to make is choosing an appropriate medical school. TMEC is affiliated with some of the most well renown medical schools who have excellent teaching facilities, well-educated board-certified physicians on staff and exceptional board examination passing rates for their students. Our consultants will assist students in choosing a school based on their academic background and financial circumstances. We will walk students through the entire application process and submittal documents. Students who are already enrolled in a medical university can also contact TMEC if they wish to transfer and require assistance on how to do so, what documentation is required, and how they can ensure all credits are transferred to the new medical school.


TMEC also provides one-on-one consultations for students preparing to take their USMLE board examinations Step 1, Step 2 CK and CS as well as their Canadian examinations regarding any questions they may have such as how to apply for these exams and the most commonly tested subjects and high yield material. We assess each student’s academic ability as each student learns and understands concepts differently. Based on that we suggest various study materials including books, question banks, audio and video lectures. We have TA’s for the students to have one on one tutoring sessions for areas of difficulty. We optimize students studying so they are able to complete their examinations in a shorter period of time and achieve competitive marks for residency.

Additional Services

Health Insurance

For those students who do not already have health insurance due to financial or personal reasons, we provide health insurance coverage at a low-cost. We want to make certain our students are covered and well protected while conducting their clinical rotations may an unfortunate incident occur. The insurance covers on a month-to-month basis. We also provide travelers insurance for students who are not American residents to make certain they are covered while they are in the United States of America. This service is provided through our affiliations with third-party insurance companies/agencies.

Malpractice Insurance

For those students coming from medical schools that do not provide medical malpractice insurance, we offer coverage for periods of 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 3 months and 1 year. We customize the length and liability of the policies to proudly serve medical students, surgeons as well as primary care physicians, MRI/Surgery Centers, Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Urgent Care Clinics and more. We offer discounted rates for medical malpractice insurance for students for $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate. This service is provided through our affiliations with third-party insurance companies/agencies.


Depending on the city, state or province the student wishes to conduct their clerkships in TMEC has a list of safe and affordable apartment and condominium leasing agencies. TMEC has assisted students in finding apartments at a lesser-cost, suggested roommates for those who request one and helped students’ sub-lease apartments to other students.

Airport Pickup

TMEC assures that all students if needed, are safely picked up from the airport once they arrive into the United States. Students are however responsible for their own transportation afterward including to and from their clinical sites. TMEC does, however, offer discounted bus/train passes as well as recommendations for car-pooling options in certain cities.

Clerkship Supplies

We provide students with a brand new lab coat, which can be tailored to the appropriate size. We also provide penlights, pocket handbooks, and stethoscopes.


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