Studying & Self-Discipline

Whether it’s transitioning into medical school or nearing that time to take your board examinations, studying can be overwhelming and stressful and all of a sudden the temptation to procrastinate can reach its peak.

Regardless of the stage of your journey to becoming a physician, medicine doesn’t leave room for procrastination, otherwise, your grades, scores and future career could pay the price. Studying has less to do with how fast you can learn and read the material and more to do with how much time and effort you are willing to put into dedicating yourself to understanding the material. As a future physician, you have to know that what you learn today will go hand in hand with you becoming a better physician to your patients tomorrow.

Organize a studying schedule, be realistic about weekly and monthly goals and most importantly hold yourself accountable. Learn to say “no” because this long road comes with its sacrifices and that can include family, friends & important events. Prioritizing and finding balance is the key to achieving success.

Taking breaks and having fun is important as well but be sure to work hard throughout the week so when you do take a break you don’t fall behind or feel guilty/regretful afterward. The medical journey is long, has its ups and downs and all students make mistakes along the way. Learn from those and be sure to maintain self-discipline so you are not losing sight of your goals.