I am originally from Canada; however, I decided to pursue my medical education abroad in the Caribbean like many students. I am currently enrolled in my fifth rotation through Trillium Medical Education Consultants, and my experience has been nothing but positive. Trillium Medical Education Consultants have allowed me to secure credible rotations in all Greenbook hospitals. Moreover, I did not have to wait even one week in between my rotations thus far. Trillium Medical Education Consultants have made this
very easy as they have placed me in clinicals back-to-back, on many of the same rotations as American medical students! If you are studying medicine Internationally, I urge you all to contact Trillium Medical Education Consultants regarding any questions or services related to clinical placements and prepping for the board exams. I am a real-life example of someone who is going through the international medicine route, and Trillium Medical Education Consultants has helped make this process very smooth and stress-free for me. I already have my next core rotation booked, in-patient General Surgery. Thanks, Trillium Medical Education Consultants!

Sonia W.