What students say about us


I want to thank Trillium Medical Education Consultants for all that they have done for me through my medical journey. My goal since starting medical school was to match in Canada. Trillium Medical Education Consultants

I am originally from Canada; however, I decided to pursue my medical education abroad in the Caribbean like many students. I am currently enrolled in my fifth rotation through Trillium Medical Education Consultants, and my

I am a medical student from Saudi Arabia doing my rotations through TMEC, and I would like to give appreciation to Trillium Clerkships for their hospitality and their time. They actually picked us from the airport

Beginning my clinical rotations with TMEC was a pleasant experience. I was able to get my top three rotation choices back to back without any hassles. One great thing about TMEC is that they offer

TMEC and their staff have helped me begin my clinical experience without any hassles. As a third-year student, I was given the opportunity to initiate rotations in green book hospitals with well-qualified doctors. They are

I was in the midst of starting my clinical clerkship but had no idea of what my next steps should be. I was confused by the difference and importance of recognized hospitals and the ones you

The staff at TMEC have experienced the USMLE and the clinical life, therefore the information they had provided us help our daughter prepare for the USMLE in a way her medical school never taught her

TMEC has helped me score 237 on my USMLE and can help you too! They advised and explained to me everything from the process of applying to the exam, to setting up a study schedule,